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Making Memory

Making Memory

Born to a destiny she never wanted—a destiny that could change Earth as we know it.
She was never supposed to be found.
Now she’s a target.
And as her sixteenth birthday nears, she realizes her time is running out.

After six years in the California Child Protective Services care, Memory’s worst nightmare comes to pass when she is jerked away from her California foster home and sent across the country to live with mysterious relatives in the mountains of North Georgia.

But Winters Cove was hiding secrets about her family no one wants to get out. Once she arrives, Memory learns information that could shift her belief in everything she’d always thought the truth. The only people she can trust to help her unravel the decades' old mystery and piece together the dangerous puzzle, are her distant cousins Crystal and Cody.

As she seeks to discover the source of her burgeoning powers and discover what lies beneath the betrayals, she discovers she is a pawn in a dangerous game. A game in which the rules keep changing. Luckily for her, not following the rules has never been a problem.

An Urban Fantasy with a twist, Making Memory combines just enough magic to modern Science Fiction to bring forth a believable story of what could happen when genetic manipulation goes right.

Pleiades Homecoming

Welcome to Attala. Land of Murder, Mystery, Mayhem and a touch of Magic…

Someone is killing shapeshifters... Even the Hidden races are worried... and they will kill to keep their secrets...
Cherokee Dream : Book 1 Pleiades Homecoming

Cherokee Dream

Pleiades Homecoming
Book 1

After planning a Spring Break in Florida with beaches, boys and bikinis, Samantha finds herself stranded in the Pleiades Star system. Faced with the possibility of spending the rest of her life on Attala, the ancestral home of the Cherokee people, she sets out to find the lost Jannashdi Ke her only possible way home.

There's just one problem, everyone wants her dead.

Cherokee Dawn: Book 2 Pleiades Homecoming

Cherokee Dawn

Pleiades Homecoming
Book 2

Things on Attala were not getting any better. Samantha’s crazy plan had worked, and she had recovered the lost medallion holding the secret to the Jannashdi Ke, only to find the engravings pointed to another unknown location. The fact that she was from Earth was no longer a secret.

Chief Nancheyuh was dead set on recovering his missing merchandise and didn’t care how many died to do it.

Kih and Trouble intended to ensure that never happened. To make matters worse, no one had figured out who was killing all the Atsilagigai skinwalkers.

It had been one heck of a week, but things had to get better…or did they?

Bell, Book and Claw

Bell, Book and Claw

A young mage with powers no one can explain or control.

An orphaned entrepreneur whose destiny was written in the stars.

A novitiate healer fighting for the love forbidden by her Goddess.

A hidden Duaar heir fraught by powers he’d long sought to forget while hiding from the life others have chosen for him.

Available in Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Books a million, and independent bookstores worldwide. If you do not see it on the shelf, ask for it!

Bell, Book and Claw

Andi Undone

Andi and Cooper have been best friends after coming out in high school.

During her graduation ceremony, Andi’ finds out her long-time girlfriend has run off with the school librarian.

Three years later, the unlikely duo are roommates, working at his family’s Pizzeria.

She has finally come to grips with her heartbreak and moved on with her life, is in college and the hardest things she has to deal with is Cooper leaving his pink thongs in the bathroom.

So, what if she avoids any kind of relationship? There was nothing wrong with a random hookup.

Never tempt fate… Karma has a sense of humor!

Available in Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Books a million, and independent bookstores worldwide. If you do not see it on the shelf, ask for it!

Writing as

Alexandra Mosley



What part of I don’t date bikers, do you have trouble understanding?

Kat might seem to have it all under control, but underneath that cool facade, she was riding the thin edge of sanity. And a biker who claimed he loved her had put her there. All it would take is one little push, and she would be gone, damaged beyond repair. That had been five years ago, and she had finally moved on with her life. She was not ready to risk it all for a one night stand, no matter how tempting he was. So why was she so intrigued by a singing biker ?

Jingo Monroe was at a crossroads. A short stint in County for punching out a jackass that was beating his ol lady had shown him he was not cut out for jail. The only time he was truly at peace was when he was on stage with the band. It was great. When he sang hearts melted. Life was good until she walked into the MC’s bar. Every alarm went off at once. The mysterious blonde was everything he didn’t want in his life. In that designer silk dress and Italian leather heels, she was definitely not the type of woman he was usually attracted to. But all he could think about was how he would she would feel in his arms. Too bad she was dead set against bikers. He would love to show her everyone that wore a patch was not the same. The question was, was he ready to risk his way of life?



Raven cared about three things: his Native American family, his bike and his brothers in the Satans Scions Motorcycle Club. Not that he didn't enjoy women. He did...and they enjoyed him more. He prided himself on staying cool - keeping any emotion except lust at arm's length.

So why was he being haunted by memories of the crazy redhead he'd almost killed? Taking her for his own would be no problem. What to do with her afterward, was an entirely different matter. He knew from the first moment he saw her she was going to be trouble. And more trouble in his life was the last thing he needed. The timing sucked. Being Sargent at Arms was hard enough. With Unck in jail, the club expected him to fill in as VP. As if he didn't have enough on his plate.

He was up for the ride, but was she? It was going to be a wild one.

So why not ... he was already juggling one set of secrets. It's not like they could kill him twice.

 Random Rides

Random Rides

Looking for a bit of Adventure and a ride on the wild side? Then join Trey Sansom, a tall, tattooed, hunk of masculinity on his bike as he takes a break from everyday club activities and society's morals and goes off on one of his random rides.

This cocky alpha male will make you want to buy a Harley Davidson bike and join in the fun. Great anytime you want a short story, it’s even better if read in bed. Random Rides is a collection of ,sexy, steamy, adult biker short stories connected to one of the more colorful members of the Satans Scions MC. Based on the biker lifestyle, they are explicit and contain adult subjects and scenes intended for readers ages 18+.

Readers of New Adult Contemporary Short Stories, Alpha Male Urban Romance books and Biker Bad boy Motorcycle Club Romance, will be interested.

So jump on the iron horse, hold on tight and get ready for one hell of a wild time.

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  • Dragon by Decree

  • Auroras Hearts

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